When You F*@k Up and Decide It’s Something Different

Acceptance.  This word has been orbiting my life for many years.  In the last two, especially, acceptance has been like a comet, passing through so close I have to stop and notice. Forty years, compressed, goes something like this:  Before I was 20, I moved out of my small hometown.  Within three years, I married … More When You F*@k Up and Decide It’s Something Different

Grief is a Ninja

Dear C, Grief is a ninja.  Did you know this?  I think you probably did, after your dad died.  I think behind your teary smiles, then, eventually,  your bigger smiles, your trip-taking, dinner-party planning, that the grief ninja was hovering, kicking you in the knees now and then.  We knew you were sad, we saw … More Grief is a Ninja

This Crappy Obituary – For the Woman I Found Dead in the Starbucks Parking Lot

Originally posted on Legionwriter:
I thought you were sleeping. It seems silly now, but you must understand, when one sees a person slumped over inside a parked car, the most reasonable conclusion is rarely that the person slumped over is dead. It was the lights from the dashboard that caught my eye. If it weren’t…

Color Blind

Did you see the same sky I did tonight, after dinner? The last of rich sauce and gristle left off from the meat. Swallowing one more jagged crust of bread, the last pull of wine, then lurching to the driveway so I could stare at white swaths of flimsy atmosphere and wonder where such a thing came from. It wasn’t expected, … More Color Blind