Grief is a Ninja

Dear C, Grief is a ninja.  Did you know this?  I think you probably did, after your dad died.  I think behind your teary smiles, then, eventually,  your bigger smiles, your trip-taking, dinner-party planning, that the grief ninja was hovering, kicking you in the knees now and then.  We knew you were sad, we saw … More Grief is a Ninja

Not Walter

There is a man who lives in his truck behind the church near our house. He’s been there since springtime. It didn’t take us long to give the dark-haired man a name: “Walter.”  We felt unsettled that he was around, stuck, with seemingly no where to go.  This is our neighborhood, our space. We walk the dog in the late evenings, and … More Not Walter

My Inner Heisenberg

Walter White.  If you know this name, you know Heisenberg.  It’s been weeks since the series finale of “Breaking Bad.”  In this house, we are veiled in lethargic mourning.  Evening television is flat, faulty, unsatisfying now that we have finished a month-long Netflix marathon of watching the life of Walter White evolve and dissolve. I miss … More My Inner Heisenberg

“I think maybe I was successful in doing this because I didn’t have any other talents,”

said Alice Munro.  Then she won the Nobel Prize for Literature. What a beautiful accomplishment for a woman who described herself this way: “I’m not really an intellectual,” […] “I was an okay housewife but I wasn’t that great.” Be inspired to do two things today: 1) Visit your library and take home a book … More “I think maybe I was successful in doing this because I didn’t have any other talents,”

Notes from Chuckanut: Inspiration and Hard Truths

In late June, I took a Friday off from work and drove 90 miles north from Seattle to the Chuckanut Writers Conference, a two-day event led by some of the Pacific Northwest’s most gifted and influential writers. The days were divided into class sessions, with keynote lectures by faculty in the morning, at noon, and … More Notes from Chuckanut: Inspiration and Hard Truths

A Date With Your Genius

For the weekend: relaxing, allowing our minds to wander back to our real selves. This TED talk is one of my favorites. Grab hold of your muse, let the poem rumble through you, have a frank discussion with your genius. Get your pencil, your laptop, and let out all the words you’ve been holding in.

What Makes Us?

Forgiveness. There is no poem for it. It is a strong and beautiful goodbye. Self. There is no book for it. It is a lifetime of goodbyes. Destiny. There is no plan for it. It is this. Say a beautiful hello. Inspired by Joshua Prager’s story: Was I what had been done to me? Were all of … More What Makes Us?