“The water should taste like the ocean,” Heapfuls of rough salt poured from my grandmother’s palm. She had lived for eighty years by then.  She didn’t measure anymore. A gas flame licked blue then orange beneath her own mother’s copper cooking pot. “It can’t be alone.”  Twists of gemilli fell into the boil. “What can’t be alone?”  I asked, watching the … More Salt

Third Party

She found out today… that he could very well be right about microbes in office buildings. (via NPR) that he was wrong about Justin Beiber’s monkey.     (via Twitter) that he enjoys the “Titillating Wing Combo” from the Hooter’s lunch menu.     (via Facebook check-in) that he preferred blonds, usually, but how nice to see him try something new.      (via his mother) that … More Third Party