Drafting drafting drafting.  Aren’t we always editing and fixing? Did you know that one of the greatest contemporary female poets, Sharon Olds, published a whole collection about her divorce, the adultery committed by her husband, the subsequent landslide of devastation, and ultimately healing.  Did you know her collection won dozens of awards, including the biggest … More Prius

The Chef in My Kitchen: How Anthony Bourdain Healed My Heart with a Knife

For Anthony Bourdain, who gave us the recipe for a true life. May he be resting sweetly and well. It was a kitchen seemingly built for toddlers: cramped, short-ceiling and dim, the overpainted cabinets patterned with the last tenant’s flowered shelf liner.  That tiny awkward space staged the love affair I began with chef Anthony Bourdain, … More The Chef in My Kitchen: How Anthony Bourdain Healed My Heart with a Knife

In the Gray with #MeToo

A 40-something female friend told me recently she had no #metoo stories. None. Had never experienced unwanted, inappropriate advances from a man.  Frankly, this shocked me a bit, followed by a small wave of other emotions: disbelief, judgement, envy, and, of course, my loyal, invisible best friend: Shame.  “Look at her,” Shame whispered. “She obviously … More In the Gray with #MeToo

Conservative Values Will Make Our Country Great Again

Over tacos and burgers, I told my friend I would do better.  I’m always trying to do better. But in the face of this election season, a voice buried by years was triggered to jab, punch, react.  This voice of mine has been stunted for awhile.  I know the reasons why.  I’m learning.  I’m riding a … More Conservative Values Will Make Our Country Great Again

What Two Years Does

Two years ago today, a bunch of us stood in a window-lined waiting room far above November-dirty, Seattle streets.  Rain smashed the glass. It was cold and she was dying. That was all most of us knew. We had woken up that morning regular people.  That evening, we practiced in our minds how to stand up … More What Two Years Does