Greatness: The Smallest of All Things

Today, The Daily Post at asks:

What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?  Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREATNESS.

This thing, greatness, is the sum of 1 or 1000 or 10,000 of the tiniest movements.  They are the sighs and yells and quips of strangers bound together by wire, cable, keyboards, lattes, hard days, love, and worry.  It is the first 2-mile run, or remembering the last great story, or tasting the perfection in a meal eaten alone.  Greatness is the sum of things small enough to wrap, ribbon, and place in the hands of another.  They are beautiful words strung together and glowing like rustic bulbs across an evening patio.  They are ideas borne of struggle, of questions, of unhurried walks, and from the feeling of shoulders against your own on a city sidewalk.

Greatness, in a blog essay, an image, or a poem, begins with the very largest of these small things. It begins with voice–the partner to courage.  When I meander, stumble, or deliberately set out upon another’s work, it is this sense of individual voice–true and clear–that keeps me on the page.  They are the words, stories, fears, inspirations that sound like my own voice or sound like that of a friend I’d love to know better.

These blogging voices carve the world into shapes I understand or concepts that press upon me like early summer sun, pushing me to see, to change, to revel in my place.  And within that, is the greatness of finding a stronger understanding of my own voice, though the universal telling of our world.

“I am trying to make, before I get through, a picture of the whole world–or as much of it as I have seen.  Boiling it down, always, rather than spreading it out thing.”             ~E. Hemingway

8 thoughts on “Greatness: The Smallest of All Things

    1. Thank you for reading! The quote is taken from Hemingway’s Selected Letters. This one to Mrs. Paul Pfeiffer, 1933.


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