Third Party

She found out today…

that he could very well be right about microbes in office buildings.
(via NPR)

that he was wrong about Justin Beiber’s monkey.     (via Twitter)

that he enjoys the “Titillating Wing Combo” from the Hooter’s lunch menu.     (via Facebook check-in)

that he preferred blonds, usually, but how nice to see him try something
new.      (via his mother)

that he seems a bit city-fied, if you ask me.      (via her mother)

that he just needed to find a girl like her to settle him down.
(via the women at her office)

he never smiled and waved like she did.      (via the old guy
who lives in the truck down the street)

that he, as a white male, is accustomed to the world coming to him.
(via her therapist)

he’s not the kind of guy to read blogs. (via someone’s blog)

that she just earned an extra six month subscription for free.
(via the Terms of Guarantee)


Note: This poem was conceived for “Creativity Tuesday,” a weekly challenge between me and Stacy Albright, professional photographer and good friend.  (See her amazing work here: Stacy Albright {images}  ) We choose a theme or word and each of us must create our own interpretation of that.  Hers: an image. Mine: a written piece.  Deadline is Thursday. 

This week’s word was:  “Third Party” (taken from an article title in the Seattle Times Sunday edition.

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