Conservative Values Will Make Our Country Great Again

Over tacos and burgers, I told my friend I would do better.  I’m always trying to do better. But in the face of this election season, a voice buried by years was triggered to jab, punch, react.  This voice of mine has been stunted for awhile.  I know the reasons why.  I’m learning.  I’m riding a … More Conservative Values Will Make Our Country Great Again

What Two Years Does

Two years ago today, a bunch of us stood in a window-lined waiting room far above November-dirty, Seattle streets.  Rain smashed the glass. It was cold and she was dying. That was all most of us knew. We had woken up that morning regular people.  That evening, we practiced in our minds how to stand up … More What Two Years Does

Letters of My Body

Letters of My Body Dear Feet. Please stop for a moment – please stop jiggling worriedly or pushing shyly beneath the blanket on the couch. I’ve written a poem for you in Morse code. There, dotted along your tops where the sun tenders that thin skin. I’ve dotted the tops of your big toes – … More Letters of My Body